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Whether you are a Competition Licence Holder, Event Organiser, Club, Club Member or Event Official, you will find information here about the insurance, arranged by Motorsport Ireland, to protect you whilst you are taking part in our sport.

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The Motorsport Ireland insurance programme is operative only where an event is organised under the rules and regulations of Motorsport Ireland and a permit or waiver has been issued for the event. Wherever in the following text we refer to a permit, this also includes a waiver of a permit.

If you take part in any form of motorsport activity, either as a Participant or an Official, not permitted by Motorsport Ireland, then you need to check the adequacy of the insurance, if any, provided by the organisers of the event as the level of cover provided will not be the same as that provided by Motorsport Ireland.

All Motorsport Ireland policies run for a 12 month period, commencing 1st January and expiring 31st December each year.

Your wide-ranging cover includes:

Legal Liability Insurance
Protects Motorsport Ireland, RIAC, Local Associations, Clubs, Sponsors, Landowners, Club Members, Competitors, Licence Holders and Competition Officials, if you are held responsible and/or are negligent, causing an injury to a third party or damage to third party property. The details and conditions of this insurance may be found in the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook.

Master Legal Liability cover
Has a limit of indemnity of €25m for each and every loss. The Master Legal Liability cover is extended to include emergency first aid cover for volunteer medical personel.

Personal Accident
Provides benefits to Motorsport Ireland Competitors and Officials for specified injuries, whilst taking part in permitted Motorsport Ireland events.

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